ECS message Transfer between EMDIS Registries is Windows based implementation of ECS rules, PGP and FML processing.

ESTER - History

  • Developed since 2001
  • During 2002 converted for universal use
  • ECS software is permanently running in CBMD since 12/2002
  • Supported by EU STEMNET Project

ESTER - Description

  • Uses relational database technology
  • Data-driven architecture

ESTER - Structure

  • Database of emails
  • Database of EMDIS messages
  • Batch programs + timer
  • Administrator's application
  • Distribution system

ESTER - Features

  • Implements all registry independent tasks (ECS,PGP,FML)
  • Platform independent database
  • Windows based applications (GUI)
  • System runs for months without any intervention of administrator
  • Supports on-line and off-line HUBs
  • More email addresses supported for one HUB
  • Possible user extensions (search statistics)
  • You don't need any paid third party software!
  • Decrypted data in secure zone!
  • Transaction processing!
  • Daily reports to administrator (WARNINGs, MSG_DENs, statistics)
  • Daily reports to management of registry (EMDIS communication statistics)
  • Warnings and errors in system by email to administrator
  • Archive Tool

ESTER - Distribution System

  • SW and documentation in the download page
  • Users have special SW for upgrading of ESTER system