The Amadeus software covers all the actions and processes used in the operation management of transfusion department: donor records, inviting donors, blood samplings, production of blood, blood storage, plasma delivery to processors, despatch to hospital departments, quarantine plasma, storage of transfusion components and consumables, output for billing healthcare insurance and daily archiving of the whole operation of transfusion department.

Amadeus software has been developing since 1994 in cooperation with Transfusion department of the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady in Prague. The full operation of the system begun in January 1996. Twenty years later the Amadeus software was distributed to first foreign country - Hungary.

Amadeus features and technologies

  • Amadeus software is compatible with OS MS Windows Server and OS Linux.
  • Amadeus software provides a sigle SW environment for all the user workplaces of the transfusion department and eventual external workplaces which are using this system. Control of user's applications is uniformed in terms of user graphical interface.
  • Amadeus uses a modern graphical user interface.
  • All the parts of Amadeus system are integrated and modular.
  • All the parts of Amadeus system are available in Czech, English and Hungarian languages including the functions for system administrators.
  • Functionality and control of all the parts of system are described in user manual, the 'Help' button contains detailed user documentation - including detailed description of the data structure and each system commands.
  • Amadeus system checks correctness of all the input data record, if it's possible.
  • The users of Amadeus system are given the roles according to their competences.
  • The Amadeus system works with barcodes.
  • You can pre-define templates of frequently used texts.
  • In the Amadeus system there are all the data of donors including the records of all the previous visits.
  • There is a possibility to connect barcode printers Zebra.
  • There is a possibility to connect all the analyzers and devices which are used in the transfusion departments.
  • Amadeus software performs maintenance procedures (data archiving, management of codebooks, etc.) in continouous operation and in day-time chosen by the contracting authority.
  • The system allows access to all the data throughout the system operation.
  • There is a possibility to generate statistics according to selected criteria specified (e.g. despatch overview of the storage according antigens, donor reaction to the blood sampling, etc.)