HLA Laboratory System Orpheus is specialized information management software for immunogenetics laboratories, which complies with EFI/ASHI requirements. The system functions cover a wide range of laboratory activities, including complete laboratory workflow from an arrival of the sample to reporting of results and billing.


Prometheus is a world-wide used information system for Stem Cells Donor Registries. It covers all key business processes of the registry's daily work, including donor and patient data management, export to BMDW, international donor search process, management of requests, finances, transplant records and donor/patient follow up.


Information and Storage management software Cryus is developed specially for Cord Blood Banks, Donor Centers, Stem Cells Collection Centers, Biotech Laboratories and Tissue Banks. The Cryus functions cover complete workflow from collection, processing, production to cryo-storing and transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell products.


The simple software application for use in Donor Centre and in Transplantation Center. The Label-Inn allows to record the donor or the patient personal data into the database and generates the Donation Identification Number (DIN) according to ICCBBA international standard ISBT128. It serves as labelling software for blood samples and Stem Cells products.


Steiner, Ltd. offers unique solution for Stem Cells transplantation participating facilities. As the developer of Stem Cells Donor Registry software "PROMETHEUS", HLA laboratory management software "ORPHEUS" and Stem Cells processing laboratory and Cord Blood Bank software "CRYUS", the Steiner, Ltd. is now the only one company which can deliver the most complete software solution for Hematopoietic Stem Cells transplantation. We are also the labelling software vendor for Donor Centres and Transplantation Centres (Units) called "LABEL-INN". 

How does it work?

The Donor or Transplant centre can register the Donor or Patient and collect the blood sample for HLA typing, using the "LABEL-INN" software. The "LABEL-INN" software automatically sends the Donor or Patient data to Registry software "PROMETHEUS" and prints the label for the blood sample.

Registry software "PROMETHEUS" sends the Typing Request to HLA laboratory software "ORPHEUS". It is also possible to send the sample data to "ORPHEUS" or to put the sample directly into the sample storage and share the sample storage position information.

After the compilation of all requested assays, the Typing Result is send back from "ORPHEUS" to "PROMETHEUS". The Registry searches for donor and patient HLA match. If the match is found, the "PROMETHEUS" sends the Request for Collection into the Stem Cells Processing Laboratory software "CRYUS". When the collection and process is done, the final Stem Cells Product can be stored and labelled according to ISBT128 standard.

The Transplantation Centre can send the electronic Request for Product using the "CRYUS-WATCH" application, the simplified "CRYUS" for electronic communication with Stem Cells Processing Laboratory.

  • ISO Certification

    On September 24, 2014, the company Steiner has been examined and found in conformity with requirements of the standard ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 27001: 2013 certification. The certification audit was performed by TayllorCox.

  • Prometheus workshop in Prague

    The workshop will take place at Stem Cells Donor Registry, Prague, Czech Republic

    Date: September 9-11, 2014

    The workshop is scheduled for Prometheus users and will be about basic knowledge of Prometheus as well as new features.


    Day 1

    9:00 -Basic knowledge about Prometheus

    12-13:00- Lunch

    13-15:00- Emdis messages, Emdis communication

    15-15:30-Coffee break + snack

    15:30-17:00-BMDW edit.,HLA core update, Histogenetic import

    17:00- Free time

    Day 2

    9:00 -Basic knowledge about Prometheus

    12-13:00- Lunch

    13-15:00- Emdis cord + new projects,

    15-15:30-Coffee break + snack

    15:30-17:00- Practical exercises for new features + questions

  • 8th East-West Immunogenetics Conference

    The 8th East-West Immunogenetics Conference will take place in the University of Vienna, 13th and 14th of February. We hope that you will join this meeting and we see each other in Vienna! www.ewic2014.net

  • Prometheus User Group Meeting

    Prometheus User Group Meeting took place May 14, 2014 in Royal College of Phisicians in London.

  • Prometheus User Group meeting in Minneapolis

    Prometheus User Group meeting will take place on WMDA Fall Meeting in Minneapolis, October 17th, 2013, 7:00 - 8:00. This meeting is for Registries using Prometheus software or that would like to know more about Prometheus software. Go to here for more information.